Someone once said it takes approximately 10,000 hours of study to be an authority in a chosen field of study. This got me thinking, if it is true, which of course it is, then such a person should be vast in handling problems and giving solutions accordingly. research chemicals handlers should be versatile in what they do and how they do it.

This way, they can easily maneuver the most difficult aspects of their work. Try and error method was the child brain of someone in the field of mathematics and today it is widely used globally in the sciences. This to me is a good trick in finding a solution to a problem, scientists and laboratory technicians that handle research chemicals are not exempted from this.

They can buy this idea and other technical methods that by-pass use of work method procedures as long as it is safe and free of health risk with solution. Technological breakthroughs and new discoveries did not come from straight normal knowledge and training but rather applying relevant knowledge that might strain the brain a bit technically. For professional research chemicals handlers to come up with ground breaking results, these six (6) useful tips and tricks should be employed:

· Having technical background knowledge

· Should know the standards that may apply in carry out research

· Think out of the box (try and error method)

· Should know the strengths and weaknesses of the various options available to achieve results in a technical research

· Be competent and versatile with research chemicals behaviors

· Above all, must be experienced.